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Ref: VL-00019

from 990.000 €.

* as per type, options and availability. Without taxes and fees.



This residential complex located in Finestrat, in the hills near Benidorm, consists of 9 luxury houses with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

This volume is completely embraced by green areas, creating a spatial harmony that blends in with the surroundings. The sea and Sierra Cortina, in the background, contribute to this integration.

The side garden, adorned with cactus and white gravel, connects the access Floor 1 with the main floor (Floor O).

The use of natural grass on the rest of the land is presented as an extra through a careful landscaping project.

Each level is highlighted with a material that enhances its essence.

Floor O is clad with natural limestone, supporting the entire structure.

Floor 1, with its monolayer and shutters, protects the most intimate part of the house.

Finally, Floor 2, where the master bedroom is located, opens onto a large terrace and is presented in warm-toned textured monolayer.

The Mediterranean aesthetic is achieved through a perfect fusion of tradition, modern architecture and nature.

Plans of the property